Petrella Guidi and
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Petrella Guidi

On the right bank of the Marecchia river rises the enchanting village of Petrella Guidi, now almost deserted but with a nearly intact medieval structure, dominated by a ruined fortress that features a grand tower built by the Tiberti family between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

On the walls of this tower, the original white plasterwork is still intact in many places, testifying the fact that ancient fortifications were plastered and painted, rendering the colours of the family heraldry clearly visible from the countryside. The Malatesta family coat of arms (of Galeotto) is preserved on the gate of wall, flanked by the coats of arms of the Oliva family, which held it with Malatesta protection until the beginning of the fifteenth century, and of the Church (the crossed keys).

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